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Company Established: 1st August '2018'

CBD products have helped people from getting off Opiates, hence our main logo (above) which incorporates a pill.

We mostly focus on our CBD range, but we do offer some other Non-CBD products.


Some 'herbal' CBD alternatives (that you can incorporate into your diet) are:

Ginger Root


Black Pepper


These all work with the same CBD receptors in your body as what CBD Oils do.  If your looking for an alternative, try above herbs.


We sell our ranges, mostly to UK companies, but of course also to any UK customer. We try to cut out the confusion on CBD & it's connection to Cannabis.

Hemp 101 - Please read all this bit first if your new to all this: 

The Hemp we use is derived from Industrial Hemp.  This is different from Hemp derived from Cannabis.  They are two separate plants, cousin plants.  But, due to 'Reefer Madness' etc.. many people are now confused that there's even a difference.  You will NOT get 'high' from our products.  They have a few differences, see below:

Industrial Hemp:

1)  Known as 'Weed'/'Pot'/'Hemp' etc..

2)  Has low levels of THC, this is what gets you 'high'.

3)  Has high levels of CBD, this has many beneficial medical benefits.

4)  Doesn't get you 'high'/'stoned'.

5)  Grows tall & narrow.

6)  Mostly used to create clothing/paper etc..


1)  Known as 'Weed'/'Pot'/'Hemp' etc..

2)  Has high levels of THC, this is what gets you 'high'.

3)  Has low levels of CBD, this has many beneficial medical benefits.

4)  Gets you 'high'/'stoned'.

5)  Grows shorter & wider.

6)  It's what everyone thinks of when you say Hemp.

If you want healing benefits but don't want the 'high', which would you choose?

The correct answer is of course 'Industrial Hemp'.  This is the basis of the CBD Isolate that we use in our CBD Oil.  Isolate is about 99.7% pure.  There are other CBD based compounds found in these plants, but the main factors to consider are THC & CBD.

For healing attributes/properties & for medical reasons, use Industrial Hemp based products.

If your happy just to get 'high' & don't care about the healing/medicinal side, then just use high THC/Cannabis based products.

I hope this helps 'simplify & de-mystify' CBD?

Our CBD & Non CBD Ranges:

CBD Isolate & Industrial Hemp are more costly, certainly in the amounts needed to create our range. For our CBD Oil we use CBD in it's purest form (the CBD Isolate - 99.7% pure typically). 



Pics above shows just some of the range:

(Top Pic - Left to right) - 10ml CBD Oil (in Hemp Seed Oil) - 50ml CBD Hemp E-Liquid - 60ml Non CBD Peppermint Balm

(Lower Pic - Left to right) - 15ml CBD Balm - Wax Melt (pic shows an Olbas Oil, blue wax melt)

Our Products:

Main Range:

10ml (4%) CBD Oil (Contains 400mg CBD Isolate, Coconut or Hemp Seed MCT Oil) - £30

To use CBD Oil: 1*) Place a drop or two under your tongue. Hold it for 30-90 seconds then swallow. 2) It can be applied directly to the skin, to speed healing of i.e. spots/cuts/bruises etc... 3) If you have a vape pen of some sort, you can also vape it as is/mix with another e-liquid. *For option 1) - Everyone's effective dose is different, just keep adding drops when you take CBD Oil, till you get relief.


50ml CBD E-Liquid (Contains 70 VG 30 PG Base, Industrial Hemp (usually Ferimon 12 from HERE)) - £12


15ml CBD Balm (Contains Paraffin Wax (has some healing properties), CBD Oil, may have some colourant added) - £15

15ml CBD Balm: It may be a small item, but due to the CBD Oil that it contains, it's hugely beneficial to you.  Simply apply a small amount to any i.e. scars/spots/scratches etc...  The CBD should speed up the healing for you.



I'm currently working on making CBD Lotions.  These will only be available for special holidays from 2019 onwards, such as: Christmas/New Year/Easter etc...

I'll update this section when lotion's available.  Pic below is of the item itself.

Item (60ml size) will cost £10 + P&P.


Non CBD Range:

Re: Balms - These are for external use, i.e. use on lips/your temples etc....

60ml Coconut/Peppermint Balm - £5

60ml Coconut/Clove Balm - £5

If you use wax melts:

35ml Size Wax Melt - Mystery/Random Fragrance & Colour Sent - £2.50 each

Wax Melt: 1)  Dependant on your hand strength, if your cutting it out, please be careful.  Once you notice that the scent has gone simply place solidified wax melts (& the wax bowl) in the freezer for about 5-10 minutes.  This makes it easier to remove the wax.  Break up the wax ready for use again.  Simply re-melt that wax & add in some kind've scent (i.e. Essential Oils).  Pour into a mould of some sort & allow to solidify.

2)  You can also just put a few holes in the plastic lid of the wax melt.  Place wax melt somewhere in your i.e. car, where it can be melted by the sun.  You can also place wax melt into a different container, that has holes in the lid, for the same effect.


P+P for UK=£2.95


We'll mostly be selling to companies. If you would like to sell some/all our range in your shop, then please email us your request/order. One of us will get back to you as soon as possible to further discuss your request. For selling our range you'll be entitled to a few free random samples.


If your a general customer who would like to buy any items from our range, then please email us your request/order. We'll send you a Paypal invoice, we'll make your items (if needed) & post them off to you as soon as possible.


If you suffer from, & can provide proof with your email, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome/PTSD/ADHD/Autism/Fibromyalgia then you'll receive a 15% discount, just on the CBD Oil.  So instead of £30 per 10ml bottle it'll cost you £25.50.

If you suffer from, & can provide proof with your email, Cancer then you'll receive a 20% discount, just on the CBD Oil.  So instead of £30 per 10ml bottle it'll cost you £24.

Our mailing address:
Miss Lynda Christina Ward
Apt 24177, Chynoweth House, Trevissome Park, Truro, TR4 8UN
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